Friday, March 1, 2013


Newmarket School Camp 2013

On Thursday the 28th of February, Newmarket School hosted our annual camp. The weather was brilliant and the children of course were on their best behaviour for our 23rd year for camp.
This year the whole school slept at school.

We visited Parnell pools for our ritual swim. All those swimming lessons paid off because our children were confident in the water. They had a great time. Teachers and parents watched our children from the edge of the pool.

The only challenge we had was the change in bus stopping due to the over bridge being shut. We needed to arrive via the front entrance and after the swim walked back up the steep Judges Bay hill and to board our bus. The journey back was definitely quieter than the journey to the pools.
Back at school, Gayle and her helpers had our juicies and fruit ready. They tasted soooo good.
The children then gathered their bedding and set up beds in their designated tents. Following on we went to the hall for aerobics with a parent and Mr J.

We returned to the top court for dinner.
The turnout of parents was next to amazing. They were really there to hear the children singing. As usual we were treated to the best of the best with quality singing. The changes to the programme included a surprise visit from the blue Smurfs leading off our night of singing. The highlight of course had to be our children singing their hearts out and a few parent and teacher too.

After supper, the children cleaned their teeth and returned to the tents. So if you had visited at that time you would have witnessed our little fireflies with their torches makings their way down the stairs to their tents. The path had been highlighted with yellow markings and extra lights and making our walk a pleasant experience.

Parent and children settled for the night. Meanwhile teachers spent an extra hour or so roaming around to ensure that everyone was settled before they themselves went to sleep.
The night passed too quickly and soon dawn was with us. An early wake up had the teachers roaming to ensure that our senior children did not rise too early as we wanted our junior children to have their extra sleep.

Once all gear was packed up the children and helpers made their way back up to school for breakfast whilst tent packer uppers dismantled, packed and stored the tents for pick up by their associated families and owners.

The day continued with camp activities and more food as our parent helpers worked hard to ensure that all of our children were fed on time and with enough food to sustain them until the next session.
School finished at 3.00 and our children departed tired and happy back with their families. Teachers and helpers left too for a good night’s sleep

Dr Kofoed thinks that Camp 2013 was one of the best camps at school that she can remember. The main reason she thinks it is one of the best camps was that everyone worked together (children, staff, parents), they managed themselves really well, everyone took care of each other, and there were HEAPS of smiles and happy faces at school. 

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